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SS Smacker Signature Cricket Bat

$550.00 $299.00

Introducing the SS GG Smacker Players Cricket Bat – Senior, specially designed for hard-hitting purposes and ideal for short formats like T20 cricket.

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SS Smacker Bat Description

Introducing the SS GG Smacker Signature Cricket Bat – Senior, specially designed for hard-hitting purposes and ideal for short formats like T20 cricket. SS, a renowned brand in the cricketing world, began exporting cricket bats from India in 1979. The recognizable TON logo proudly adorns the edges of many of the world’s best international cricketers’ bats, representing superior quality and exceptional value.

This bat is constructed with Super Select Grade 3 English Willow, ensuring top-notch performance and durability. With its big edges, the bat delivers excellent power and impact for aggressive strokes. The Subcontinent Style Bow enhances the bat’s performance, making it a perfect choice for players in those conditions.

Featuring a low to mid sweet spot, this bat allows for all-round stroke play, catering to a variety of shots. The 12-piece Singapore cane handle offers comfort and complete control, allowing players to feel confident in their grip. The minimal scalloping ensures a lightweight pick-up, enabling quick and agile movements on the field.

The SS GG Smacker Signature Cricket Bat comes with a natural toe, adding to its authentic appeal. With its exceptional construction and design, this bat is the ideal weapon for players seeking power, control, and versatility in their game.

Step onto the pitch with confidence, armed with the SS GG Smacker Players Cricket Bat. Experience the superior quality, performance, and value that SS is known for in the cricketing world. Embrace the thrill of hard-hitting cricket and unleash your full potential with this remarkable cricket bat.


WillowGrade 3 English Willow
Weight Range2.07-2.12 LBS
ProfileMid to Low
Sweet SpotMid to Low
Handle TypeRound / Semi Oval Handle Bats Available. Please contact us for availability.
ToeRound Toe (Toe Guard Not Fitted)
Grains6 to 9
Bat CoverFull Length Bat Cover included with purchase
Edges37 to 41 mm

Our Cricket Bat Hand Knocking In Service:

  1. Lite sand.
  2. Oil and proceed to tap up the bat with a light hammer.
  3. Then with a heavy mallet till the bat is knocked to a desired finish.
  4. Finally, bone the edges, a finish coat of oil and buff.

Please Note: We will require 7 days to properly HAND knock in your bat.

Process for placing the order for Knocking In:

  1. Place the order online.
  2. Once the order is placed, we will contact you and provide you the address the bat need to be shipped to (Registered Post is recommended so we can track) or dropped off to the address provided with the proof of order receipt.
  3. Once the bat is received, it will take between 2 to 4 weeks (depending upon the nature of the repair work) for repair work to be done and sending it back to the customer.
  4. Once the bat is repaired, it will be couriered out to you if postage is chosen while placing the order and you will be notified via email of the tracking details of the parcel sent or if pick up option was chosen when the order was placed then you will get a notification via email that the bat is ready for pick up.

Contact us on inquiries@seasonsports.com.au or 0433190037 for any queries before placing the order.


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