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Moonwlkr Thigh Guard Combo (Medium)

$110.00 $70.00

Extremely Lightweight, Flexible snug fit design, 3D molded composite material for superior protection.

The ENDOS has been thoughtfully designed as an integrated dual thigh guard to ensure adequate protection for your inner and outer thigh regions

Articulated design for the hip area to enable maximum mobility, offers better fitting with easy running

Using lightweight composite materials developed with leading sports material researchers from Germany and constructed with 3D moulding techniques, the ENDOS offers superior protection compared to traditional Thigh Guards.

Sizing and Weight Chart

Correct sizing for your moonwalkr ENDOS Thigh Guard is based on your height. It is not dependent on your age OR weight OR waist size:

  • If Height is 4’5” – 4’8”, Correct Size: Extra Small
  • If Height is 4’9” – 5’3”, Correct Size: Small
  • If Height is 5’4” – 5’8”, Correct Size: Medium
  • If Height is 5’9” – 6’4”, Correct Size: Large

Please find the weights of each size below:

  • Extra Small size = 225 grams
  • Small size = 310 grams
  • Medium size = 435 grams
  • Large size = 500 grams


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Moonwlkr Thigh Guard ComboMoonwlkr Thigh Guard Combo (Medium)
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