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Shrey Cricket Helmets

As a cricketer, safety on the field is of utmost importance. With recent cricketing accidents, injuries and mishaps, there is an increased demand for effective headgear that provide batters and wicket keepers all-round protection on the field, without becoming cumbersome, especially during the longer formats of the game. Read More…

High Performance & Lightweight Shrey Cricket Helmets for 360° Protection

At Season Sport, we prioritise safety on the field over everything else. Hence, we offer a wide range of high-end, premium-quality safety gear for cricketers of all ages and skills. One of our best sellers is the Shrey Cricket Helmet. The helmets are game-changers in the industry, driven by innovation and technology. They are designed to provide maximum protection to batters and wicket keepers from fast deliveries and hard-hitting balls.

Here are some salient features of these helmets that make the Shrey Cricket Helmets the preferred choice of over 60% of professional cricketers worldwide:

Still, trying to decide whether the Shrey Cricket Helmets are a good choice for you? Connect with us to learn more about how the helmet works, the technology driving it and how you can use it to up your game on the twenty-two yards.

Why are Shrey Cricket Helmets the Safest Protective Headgears Out There?

The Shrey Cricket Helmets are a leading choice for over 60% of cricket players playing the sport internationally. As passionate cricketers, we understand that it takes one wrong hit to take out the fun and enjoyment of the game, making it life-threatening.

At Season Sport, we understand the need for quality protective headgear to ensure your safety on the field, especially when facing fast deliveries as a batter or a wicketkeeper. Hence, we bring you one of the safety helmets currently available in the market— the Shrey Cricket Helmets.

Here is what makes the Shrey helmets so safe, effective and popular even amongst some of the top cricketers today, like Steve Smith, David Warner, and more.

Lightweight Plastic Resins Shell

In the present protective headgear market, the Shrey Cricket Helmets are considered one of the most lightweight yet effective. The outer shell of the helmets is made using the highest-grade plastic resins that provide maximum protection against impact from hard-hitting, fast deliveries. The lightness of the helmets makes them ideal for the longer formats of cricket (30 overs or more, Tests, etc.).

Titanium Face Guard

Unlike older versions of the cricket helmets that use Stainless Steel, the Shrey helmets use titanium faceguards. Stainless Steel is around forty per cent heavier than Titanium. This weight reduction significantly impacts the cricketer’s comfort in wearing protective headgear. These helmets are especially ideal for wicketkeepers, openers and batters coming in after the first wicket is down.

Koroyd Layer Cushioning

Koroyd is an advanced, ultra-light welded tube structure that is added to protective headgear for sports like cricket, skiing, and more. It adds an added layer of protection to the helmets without compromising their weight. The honeycomb-shaped Koroyd layer cushioning is unique to the Shrey helmets. It provides an added layer of protection from the impact of fast deliveries and hard-hitting balls, whether you are batting or wicketkeeping.
Browse through the range of Shrey Cricket Helmets and get them at the best prices, only at Season Sports.

Get the Best Prices for Your Next Shrey Helmet Only at Season Sports

As the go-to helmet choice for even International cricketers, the Shrey helmets are an investment worth making, especially if you are passionate about the sport. At Season Sports, we work with manufacturers worldwide and handpick the items to ensure you only get the best of the lot.
Whether you are a beginner looking to start the sport or a professional, your choice of helmet determines your degree of protection on the twenty-two yards. The revolutionary Shrey helmets are lightweight and offer maximum safety on the field. And the best part? Depending on your skill levels, you can choose from a wide range of helmets that suit your budget. Here’s why you should rely on us for your next Shrey helmet purchase:
At Season Sports, we understand and respect your passion for cricket. As passionate cricketers, we always strive to assist you with all your cricketing needs. We are the one-stop shop for affordable yet premium quality cricketing gear that will help you enhance your on-field performance. Browse through our range of cricket equipment and find the ones best suited for you.
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