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Buy High quality cricket pads at affordable prices from Season Sports. We offer cricket batting pads in all sizes from top brands like SS, MRF, SF and SG, handpicked just for you, to provide you with the most genuine Cricket products in the market. Read More..

Choose Top Brands Cricket Batting Pads at Season Sports Online Store

Every batsman and wicket keeper needs cricket pads as a protective measure to guard their legs against impact with the ball. Without these safety measures, balls travelling at high speeds of up to 100mph can cause lifelong injuries to cricketers

Buy Cricket Batting Pads Online for the Best Experience

Season Sports offers cricket batting pads and wicket-keeping pads of all sizes, styles and fits for cricketers of all age groups and experience. Even wicket keepers need to wear protective pads during the game, and they can choose from Cricket batting pads or special wicket-keeping pads available at our online cricket store. Cricket Batting pads are similar to wicket-keeping pads, but the latter is shorter and lighter to wear. However, both are white cricket pads when used in Test cricket or first-class cricket, and coloured cricket pads may be used in a limited overs match.

Features of our range of Cricket Pads

  • Face – The face of the cricket pads makes up the largest surface area and is separated vertically by rods. The face section of the pads allows wrapping around the shin.
  • Knee roll – The knee roll section offers enhanced knee protection and allows flexibility for the pads to bend easily. The knee roll section is padded but does not contain rigid materials.
  • Top hat – The top hat section is above the knee roll and helps protect the lower thigh.
  • Wings – The wings for batting pads add protection to the areas where it is needed the most without adding extra weight to the pads. However, wicket-keeping pads have wings placed outside each pad for wrap-around protection.
  • Straps – Straps use velcro as a fastener, securing the pads to the legs, and at least 2 or 3 straps are attached to a cricket pad, depending on the brand.

Select Cricket Batting Pads from Our Diverse Range

Season Sports offers an array of material choices for cricket pads (batting and wicket-keeping pads) at the online store. Cricket Batting pads use heavier-density material compared to wicket-keeping pads.

High-Density Foams

High-density foams are a commonly used material in cricket pads due to their lightweight and shock absorption qualities. High shock protection pads must have foam with smaller bubbles close together. However, foam with large bubbles provides better flexibility. High-density foams comprise almost the entire composition of some wicket-keeping pads because it does not matter what sound the ball makes when it hits them, however, it does matter for batting pads.

Fibreglass & Cane

Fibreglass provides better stiffness to the pads and is a common material in cricket pads. They are, therefore, less expensive compared to other materials. Cane is another material used in cricket pads to offer rigid support to the pads on the face sections. They are also cost-effective and are often used in convergence with fibreglass.

Aramid Fibre

Aramid synthetic fibres offer high shock absorption and strength and are lightweight. While these materials are commonly used in bulletproof vests, they are also used in cricket pads to replace the cane shafts and can be mixed with fibreglass to improve the immobility and defensive qualities of the pads.

Leather & PVC

Leather is also a commonly used material in manufacturing cricket pads as it is long-lasting and offers adequate resistance against the ball. While it is a traditional material, it is used less in modern-day pads, which are lighter, more affordable and more long-lasting. PVC is used as a leather replacement as it offers better durability and is cost-effective.


Cotton wadding is an inexpensive and readily available material used in cricket pads that offers better shock absorption and defence against impact. The amount of wadding used in cricket pads affects the weight and may affect the flexibility of the wearer.

Browse From the Wide Range of Cricket Batting Pads for Sale

We at Season Sports offer a variety of cricket pads of a wide range, including blue cricket pads (with blue cricket pad covers), black cricket pads and coloured cricket bats (with black and coloured cricket pad covers, respectively). Our cricket pads offer easy maintenance like cleaning and have easily removable and washable inners. We recommend removing and washing these inners after each match to clean the dirt and sweat that settle into them.

While purchasing cricket pads one must ensure the best shock absorption and protection for batting and wicketkeeping pads. Apart from this, higher-priced cricket batting pads offer better comfort concerning wearability and weight. However, increased prices do not ensure increased protection, as this is the most crucial factor of any pad and should not be compromised. To learn more about our cricket pads for sale on our online store, you can contact us and speak to our experts! We ensure you buy the best products that suit your style.

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