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Cricket Balls

Are you a passionate cricket fan looking to start playing the sport? If yes, you are at the right place! Season Sports is the leading one-stop online shop for all your cricketing needs. Trusted by players and coaches alike, we are the go-to destination for everything ranging from cricket balls, bats and kits to protective gear like helmets, gloves and pads. Read More..

Delivering Premium-Quality Cricket Leather Balls at Highly Affordable Prices

As someone starting to play cricket, one of the most important things they would want in their cricket kits is the right cricket ball. One of the most common mistakes that beginners often make is not choosing the correct ball type that would match the format of the game they are playing.

Depending on whether you are playing – the game of longer format or limited overs, our experts and staff will help you select the right balls for your matches. At Season Sports, we offer our customers the choice to select from a range of world-class cricket leather balls— cork and tennis.

Level Up Your Game with World Class Cricket Leather Balls

There is a saying, “Although all cricket balls might look alike, they are not built the same!” So, before investing in one, you should know about the different types and why you should pick one over the other.
Cork balls, also known as leather cricket balls, are made by stitching together leather quadrants around the cork using string and twine. These balls are primarily used for professional levels of cricket. And as per the current standards, they come in three colours.

Red Cricket Leather Balls

These balls are made with statement dark red leather. And they are highly durable, which makes them the ideal choice for multi-day games, i.e., test cricket. Moreover, the distinct red colour makes for high visibility when players are wearing white jerseys.

White Cricket Leather Balls

These balls are lighter than their red and pink counterparts and wear easily. Hence, they are mostly used in limited overs matches, say ten, fifteen or twenty over formats. The bright white colour of these balls makes them highly visible when players wear coloured jerseys.

Pink Cricket Leather Balls

These balls are quite like their red counterparts— sturdy and durable. Such balls are mostly used during the longer day-and-night format of cricket, where the distinct colour of the ball, which is pink, makes it easy to spot, even at night.
As a lover of the sport who is taking up playing, you should understand the need for every piece of equipment you purchase. Your choice of a cricket ball will determine your performance and enjoyment of the game. So, we are here for you, whether you need a ball for an important match or a practice session! You can choose from our range of red, white and pink leather cricket balls or opt for a quality tennis ball for all your needs.

Shop for World Class Cricket Leather Balls Online

At Season Sports, we stock a wide range of cricket balls made with the highest quality leather and cork for maximum durability. We offer a wide range of cricket gear and bring you a selection of top-quality 2 piece and 4 piece leather cricket balls sewn to perfection to give your game an extra edge.

Are you still trying to figure out what equipment you need? You can browse our entire range or shop online for our cricket balls and other gear. Additionally, you can consult with us, and our experts will help you with any concerns.
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